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Workforce Institute is a proud member of the 

South Bay Consortium for 

Adult Education 

and it's 

Open Doors Campaign.​

Bridging Adult Learners to College

Exci​ting ​Things are Happening

Are You Ready?

California faces sobering challenges to its 
long-term competitiveness

  • Too many working-age adults are ill-prepared for the demands of the 21st century workplace.

  • Educational levels are not keeping pace with the knowledge and skills necessary for the complex, high-wage jobs that fuel the California economy.

  • Many adults lack the basic skills needed to succeed.

  • Underemployment and unemployment are having devastating effects on communities, individuals and the economy.

What This Means for You

By 2015-16, depending upon the funding availability, the SJECCD and its education partners will offer:

  • Credit, enhanced credit and non-credit programs and courses for adults.

  • Seamless educational pathways for students to earn college certificates and degrees and/or prepare for the workforce.

  • Accelerated educational and/or workforce preparation programs for those who are balancing work, family and other responsibilities.

  • Workforce programs to support the local economy leading to jobs.​


Kishan Vujjeni


South Bay Consortium for Adult Education​



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