Areas of Training Expertise

​​​​​Executive/Senior Management/Mid-Management

Top administrators aren't done learning and we have programs that will enhance their existing skills, while taking them to the next level. Executive coaching, situational leadership, and strategic planning are a few of the courses we have. We will customize training to suit your needs and expand the knowledge for your executive team.

​Management​ and Supervisory Performance

Managers and supervisors lead and coordinate your staff to reach the goals and objectives of the organization. Few of us are born managers so this program is essential. To accomplish managerial and supervisory tasks effectively, we have a variety of classes. From personalized leadership coaching to team building to analyzing work processes, we can help you build a strong management team.

​Leadership Coaching

Confidential one-on-one coaching is a time-efficient option for busy executives, managers and supervisors to accelerate their learning, development, and proficiency in leadership and productivity.

​Project Management and Certification

Project management is achieving specific goals through planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources. The challenge is accomplishing these goals while staying within constraints. We can develop training for your employees at any level to learn project management and prepare them for the PMP exam.

Employee Development

​Professional Development and Productivity Provide your staff the personal development and skills they need to reach the next step on the corporate ladder. These classes support lifelong learning, increase professional competence, and give your team the tools to increase the ratio of outputs to inputs and increase productivity.

Business Communication

Business communication is the lifeblood of any thriving business. Effective communication improves productivity, ensures understanding, streamlines processes, develops new business, retains customers, and expands market share. Communication is critical to professional development and organizational success. Whether delivering a high stakes presentation, directing employees, communicating across departments, sending emails, managing projects , drafting proposals or interacting with clients communication is key. Across industries business communication training is in high demand because it develops critical competencies that optimizes performance and gets results.

Customer Service

In these days of social media, a bad customer service experience will be shared almost instantaneously. 71% of customers have stopped patronizing a business due to bad customer service. This program assures your employees will be part of the 29% who provide an excellent customer experience.

​Sales & Marketing

Increase your bottom line by optimizing efforts through Sales and Marketing. Whether you are turning a lead into a sale or identifying what your customers want, this program will give your team the skills they need to reach your company's goals.

Desktop Applications

We offer training in a large variety of software applications, from Word Processing to Presentations to Project Management. Increasing the skills of your employees will increase your organization's efficiency.

Human Resources

Human Resources Managing staff can be expensive but you can get your team trained and reduce those costs. From succession planning to crisis management to mediation, we can train your employees in any HR content.

Workplace Essentials

These classes cover the vital skills your employees need. Training in safety, violence prevention, and workplace ethics are examples of the knowledge and abilities we can instill in your team.

Industry Specific

​Operational Excellence Efficiency equates to dollars so why not optimize your processes to achieve more efficient results. Process improvement follows a specific strategy to increase likelihood of success while achieving product consistency focuses not only on product quality, but also the means to attain that goal. Our faculty is highly skilled in quality and process improvement.

It and Certification

Professional certifications demonstrate that employees have achieved qualifications and a standard of excellence as specified by the certifying body. Let us know what certifications your employees need and we will develop the training plan that will propel them beyond the standards you have set for your organization.

Building Information Modeling

BIM is the process of creating and using digital models for design, construction, and/or operations of products. Workforce Institute provides hands-on training in a state-of-the-art BIM lab. Using a project oriented approach; the following software programs are used to ensure your employees are on the cutting edge of BIM. Revit, Navisworks, Google SketchUp Pro, and Apache Thermal Analysis.

​Advanced Medical Simulation

Medical simulation training provides reality without risk. Through scenarios, role playing, and working with programmed "human simulators" in a safe learning environment, health care professionals can practice their medical skills, decision-making process, and application of critical thinking without risk to real patients.

Center for Innovative Medical Simulation (CIMS)

​Workforce Institute's Center for Innovative Medical Simulation (CIMS) provides simulation training customized to your needs:
​Risk Management
New RN Graduate Orientation Programs
Inter-Disciplinary Medical Team Training
Medical Specialty Team Training
Competency Based Performance Evaluation

CIMS Offers
​5 bed flex-design "virtual hospital" for patient care
Ethnically diverse newborn, pediatric, obstetrical and adult high fidelity simulation
Fully integrated audio-visual system for instant replay
Library of patient-care management training scenarios
Expert simulation facilitators and technicians​​​​​​

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