Customized Training

Customized training is a one-stop resource for developing and implementing professional development programs to meet specific needs of organizations and their current employees. WI works directly with businesses to design and develop high quality competency-based training and education programs directly linked to the client's strategic goals and the skills needed to achieve bottom line performance objectives. 


Customized training is: 

  • A performance-based solution which provides the right training and tools at the right time. 
  • A scalable solution to provide responsive support to clients current and future needs. 
  • A convenient solution which can be facilitated at the client's location or at WI's state-of-the-art facility in San Jose. 
  • A one-stop solution with a wide range of trainings from entry-level to high-level competencies. 


WI implements a five-step process to guide clients in meeting their workforce development needs. 

  1. Assessment: WI works closely with the client to define current workforce development needs.  
  2. Solution: Based on the assessment WI meets with managers or human resources to discuss and agree on a plan of action. 
  3. Development: WI develops the specific curriculum and locates the appropriate facilitator to align with the identified solution. 
  4. Implementations: WI works closely with the client to ensure learning support is in place throughout the entire training process. 
  5. Evaluation: Collects the feedback at each course as well as clients to ensure deliverables are met, and if improvement has occurred.  

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