Grants Management

business_solutions_grants_management_header_.jpg​Workforce Institute (WI) offers a unique training on grants management in partnership with Silicon Valley Career Pathways (SVCP), a joint venture between the San Jose Evergreen Community College District and the Metropolitan Education District, successfully managed a four-year grant project of $19.2M. SVCP was recognized by the Community College Future Assembly receiving the 2019 National Bellwether award in the Planning, Governance, and Finance category. 


Large grants with multiple partners can be a daunting task. SVCP has been successful managing multi-million dollar and multi-partner grants and has designed a training to teach the basics ensuring clients are successful with their grant projects. 

Training objectives include the process of: 

  • Understanding how to review and become knowledgeable of grant guidelines, regulations, and policies. 
  • Developing and managing partner contracts through agreements and amendments.
  • Budget and fiscal management including, invoice and advance process. 
  • Reporting guidelines including, narrative, data, and budget. 
  • Communication including, internal and external methods. 

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