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​​​​Workforce Institute (WI) partners with a variety of programs to ensure all individuals served are successful in their educational, career, and personal goals. 

Career Readiness

MAPin promotes career and personal success for students, families, and community members. MAPin help today’s students become tomorrow’s workforce through college awareness and preparation, career coaching and personality assessments, career readiness workshops, and work-based learning opportunities. MAPin delivers student centered wrap-around services, which is the foundation for academic, personal, and professional success.

Financial Literacy 

The goal at SparkPoint San Jose is to serve students and members of our community, by helping them set personal financial goals and provide paths to achieving them.  

Services Include: 

Financial Coaching 

Meet with a financial coach who will guide you on your financial path to achieving your financial goals.  Learn how to budget your money, track spending, build savings and plan for expenditures.

Career Coaching

Strengthen your employment success by meeting with a career coach who will assist you in creating or updating a resume, practice your interviewing skills, alert you to employment possibilities and much more. 

Credit & Debt Coaching

A financial coach with expertise in credit and debt counseling, will work with clients to understand how credit works, teach you how to improve credit and build credit and fix inaccuracies on credit report.  They can also help with homeownership dreams and debt relief strategies.

Free Legal Clinics

Once a month, Bay Area Legal Aid, provides a Debtors' Rights Legal Clinic, providing free information an opportunity to meet with an attorney to discuss your consumer legal issues or bankruptcy consideration.

Other Helpful resources 

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  4. Careers A-Z: Profiles, Quiz's, and Personal Stories
  5. Sample Resumes
  6. 50 Most Common Interview Questions
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