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​​​​​Workforce Institute Delivers​​For more than 25 years, Workforce Institute has promoted the region's economic vitality by providing customized workforce solutions that enable individuals to enhance employability and organizations to achieve business goals.  In partnership with Evergreen Valley College and San Jose City College, the Workforce Institute is a primary learning and development resource for individuals, public agencies, and business partners to develop workforce skills.  

​Business professionals consistently seek us out for skill development and lifelong learning. They rely on us to provide relevant, high demand, skill-based training and education needed to move up the career ladder.  Online or in the classroom, our programs are in sync with the ever-changing needs of Silicon Valley and our trainers  are industry leaders.

Important Announcements


​Harnessing Your Emotions for Effective Leadership 

Lunch Briefing

​July 20, 2016 11am to 1pm

Ever wonder why some people are exceptionally good at helping others achieve great results? What special skill do they have?  Can it be learned?

One of the keys to great leadership is found in one's Emotional Intelligence. Extraordinary leaders inspire and make a difference – they do this in part by managing their emotions and connecting with others in a personal and meaningful way.

In this 2 hour Briefing you will learn how leadership and workplace performance are influenced by the physical and emotional manifestations of personality and character.  By managing your emotions, you can positively influence how others perceive and respond to you. You will learn how to map your emotions to energy and connection with others on a day-to-day basis, answering the question: How does the way I feel right now affect my ability to lead and perform? By injecting some Structured Thinking into this introspective process, you will learn to be a better leader.

        • Get clear on the connection between your understanding of YOU and your management of YOU
        • Understand Emotional Intelligence and how improving yours will enhance your leadership skills
        • Learn how YOU can help YOUR Staff do their Best Work!
        • Manage your physical and emotional energy
        • Use Structured Thinking to impact the results of your team

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If you have questions, please contact Bill Dahl (408) 918-5103​__________________________________________________


The San José Evergreen Community College District’s Workforce Institute Unveiled Plans for a Robotics and Related Technologies Consortium by Inviting Robots to Participate.

San Jose, CA. The San José Evergreen Community College District’s Workforce Institute has established a Silicon Valley Robotics and Related Technologies Consortium. On Friday, June 17, 2016, the Institute brought together leaders in the field to demonstrate their products and talk about the exciting evolution of robots in various fields and the challenges they have finding qualified technicians to design and assemble them.

Bill Li, founder of Knightscope, a company in Mountain View that manufactures...

For more info click here... ​​​



San Jose, CA--- The San José-Evergreen Community College District is pleased to announce the 2016 commencement ceremonies at its two colleges, San José City College (SJCC) and Evergreen Valley College (EVC)… Continue Reading

SJCC Valedictorian Cody Sampson:

EVC Valedictorian Kim Ho:

EVC Valedictorian Georgina Perez:



California Legislators Apply a Ne​w Focus and

Funding-to Adult Education

The Nation's Most Diverse State Understands the Value of Education and Literacy for All; San Jose Collaborative Works to Meet a Growing Need....

SAN JOSE, Ca. - The California State Senate has proclaimed April 3 to 9 as "Adult Education Week," at a time when significant program changes are already underway. These reforms should alter the long-standing public

perception of Adult Education and its efforts to meet the critical need to address income inequality and regional workforce development. More than 300 adult schools and community colleges throughout ...​​​​  

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