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​​​​​​​​Workforce Institute Delivers​​For more than 25 years, Workforce Institute has promoted the region's economic vitality by providing customized workforce solutions that enable individuals to enhance employability and organizations to achieve business goals.  In partnership with Evergreen Valley College and San Jose City College, the Workforce Institute is a primary learning and development resource for individuals, public agencies, and business partners to develop workforce skills.  

​Business professionals consistently seek us out for skill development and lifelong learning. They rely on us to provide relevant, high demand, skill-based training and education needed to move up the career ladder.  Online or in the classroom, our programs are in sync with the ever-changing needs of Silicon Valley and our trainers  are industry leaders.

Important Announcements

Let's face it – No matter how well we are connected to everything through digital devices, no matter how fast we drive, no matter how powerful our calendar app is, we still seem to be playing catch up and missing important stuff.  

Someone once said in response to another's comment that they didn't have time right then to take care of something – "If you don't have time now, how are you going to find time to fix it when it breaks?"

All time management begins with planning.  This free lunch briefing at our offices will help you discover how to eliminate time-wasters and watch your productivity soar!  Want to learn how to focus on tight deadlines, handle changing priorities, set high expectations and meet them?

Plan on attending and you will:

        • Remain calm even when you're having a day when everything is a top priority
        • Acquire easy-to-use techniques that enable you to track and accomplish multiple priorities
        • Unlock strategies to get more done every day with have time left over to relax.
        • Delegate quickly and productively in order to meet deadlines

About the Presenter

Jackie Welch is a Certified Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Instructional Designer.   She is known for her unique ability to connect with her audience, thru personal stories, and she creates impact helping by others to get unstuck, identify their strengths and gaps, and turn their FEARS into Action.  

With a diverse Leadership Corporate background of 28 years, she has transferred knowledge into teachable moments with audiences as a Workshop Facilitator and Public Speaker on Topics such as Career, Public Speaking, Time Management, Goal Setting, Networking, Leadership etc.​

September 27, 2016  11:00 AM - 1:00 PM​​​


(1st floor of San Jose City College Technology Building)

600 S. Bascom Avenue, T-101 San Jose, CA  95128

Complimentary lunch will be served.

If you have questions, please contact Bill Dahl (408) 918-5103



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